Sanibel Joe's Songbook


"No more poems on death, not one word on growing old..." Joe Pacheco begins his latest collection, Sanibel Joe's Songbook, with a promise to include only "the thrill and sweep of the glad-to-be-alive fourth quarter/ play by delicious play". His journey through the American "songscape" fashions parodies and poems into social and political commentary on life in past and present America without ever losing his wry humorous octogenarian perspective. A versatile verse virtuoso, Pacheco is at home with all the forms of poetry: sonnets, villanelles, ballads, rondeaus, blank verse, rap and even the Middle Eastern ghazal. Sanibel Joe's Songbook provides the fans of Joe Pacheco's poetry column and readers everywhere with accessible, illuminating and entertaining poems that embody his oft-stated poetic philosophy: "Poetry is fun!"

Take Fun Seriously


"For many years I envied people who really knew how to have fun. I had reached a point where I didn't know how to let go, loosen up and have fun. I knew I needed a serious overhaul. I looked around for a manual like Fun for Dummies and couldn't find one. So, I started looking for smiles, listening for laughter, and telling myself to Take Fun Seriously." Jim Gustafson speaks from the soul to entertain, educate, and enlighten his readers with this collection of powerful insights, witty prose, and heartfelt sympathy for the human condition.

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Praise for Sanibel Joe's Songbook


"Finally, we have the pleasure of reading and hearing Joe Pacheco's Sanibel Joe's Songbook. Pacheco brings to mind the velvet fog of Mel Torme and the cool tones of David Amram, that mix of sweetness and sharpness which makes the best, most poignant music. Sing on, Sanibel Joe. We need your voice, your music, your words."
---James Brock, Prize-winning poet, full professor Florida Gulf Coast and author of U. Gods and Money, Pictures That Got Small

"In Sanibel Joe's Songbook, Pacheco gives us poems that are unpretentious and as much fun as the best pop songs. These poems are catchy--downright infectious with their straight-talk wisdom and plucky beauty."
---Denise Duhamel, Prize winning poet and professor of Creative Writing at Florida International University. and author of Blowout & Ka-Ching

"Sanibel Joe's Songbook sings of Sanibel and evokes its beauty with humor and precise language, then expands through collaboration with artists in ArtPoems. Joe tackles the muse with music and irony in his political poems... savored for making us think, savored for the truth in their telling."
--- Lorraine Walker Williams, ArtPoems Chair, and author of Paradise Found, Near Water

"Joe Pacheco is a poet whose work is at once powerful and playful. He's also an evangelist of the best sort - bearing witness to the importance of poetry with art as well as action."
---Amy Bennett Williams, News-Press Reporter and author of Along the Caloosahatchee

"While his driver's license may state that he is 80 plus, the most enjoyable, accessible and delightful young poet of 2013 is Joe Pacheco. He's written the definitive Charlie Parker poem and his latest poetry collection, Sanibel Joe's Songbook makes all of us wake up and celebrate each day."
---David Amram, classical jazz composer and Kerouac poetry-jazz collaborator.

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